Nokia have their smartwatch ready in 2014

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The smartwatches promise to be one of the flagship device for 2014 . Although several models are already on the market, rumors suggest that other industry giants also have in their plans to launch its own smart watch. This is the case in the Finnish Nokia . The company is already working on its own device and be ready for the third quarter of 2014 . Despite the purchase of Nokia by Microsoft, this device would belong to the Finnish and in the purchase agreement to acquire the mobile phone division was contemplated. Besides this new device would include a number of features and capabilities previously seen, such as the Nokia Morph.

About to close 2013, manufacturers are closing which will be your strategy for 2014. In recent weeks there have been numerous reports regarding the devices that we can see coming from some of the leading manufacturers, such as Samsung or Sony year. Although so far these rumors have focused mostly on smartphones, tablets and phablets the truth is that smartwatches or smart watches also have their place in the market . Last week I talked a patent filed by Motorola , which spoke of a possible smartwatch flexible display. This time the information pointing back to that Nokia would be working hard on this type of device.

According  to the resources, Nokia have their own smartwatch ready for the third quarter of 2014. The development of this device is rumored to be led by the head of Nokia Emerging Devices, Axel Meyer , and Peter Skillman , and will also have a number of features we have seen before, such as the Nokia Morph technology and Nokia Kinetic . Such, especially the last mentioned, smartwatch technologies allow the Finnish one could fold and be adapted to the user’s wrist , so you could have a flexible screen, plus features touch around the device .

Regarding the Nokia Morph technology, shown above, the Finnish refers to a technology that would allow the device in question adopt different forms , ie, allow transforming one device in a smartphone, a tablet or an smartwatch as shown in the video that we leave then.

Although as pointing from the source, this first smartwatch would remain the property of Nokia despite buying the mobile devices division by Microsoft, this device would be compatible with devices running Windows Phone operating system , mainly allowing reporting of notifications smartphones and tablets through intelligent clock, one of the main functions that allow smartwatches current market.

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