Nokia gets the ban on HTC Mini One in UK: Patent War

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In the UK, HTC seeks to avoid the ban on the marketing of certain models of HTC smartphones.Following a complaint filed by Nokia for patent infringement, the High Court of Justice of the country issued an injunction in this sense against the Taiwanese firm.

In October, the trial had turned in favor of Nokia. Finnish telecoms group seeks to block sale of HTC One models in the country.

Rather inconvenient for the Asian smartphone maker because this range represents 70% of business locally. Between January and September 2013, HTC has elapsed 715,000 smartphones in the UK.

Overall, Europe accounts for 20% of sales of the Taiwanese group.

But finally the British justice merely targeting the HTC One Mini model.

However, HTC has filed an urgent request for action to prevent the lightning falls on his later model HTC One. He said he would seek a parallel technological alternative with its suppliers.

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