Nokia cuts prices of other models Lumia

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Following the launch of the Lumia 920 and market disappointment with this, the brand decided to lower the price of previous phones with Windows Phone.

Nokia prices fell 15% on your phone Lumia 800 , equipped with Windows Phone operating system from Microsoft. This, a day after the launch of the new Lumia 920 , which disappointed analysts.

Industry sources also claimed that the mark made cuts in other models.

Nokia shares continued to fall Thursday 6 September, to 5.3% to 1.88 euros after falling 13% the day before (Wednesday, 5 September), when revealed two new Windows Phone models very similar to their previous models, prompting a quick disappointment by investors seeking a drastic transformation in their phones to rescue the former leader of the market. Neither liked not give estimated prices.

The company has not officially confirmed the price cut of the older models, but said such a decision would be normal in the industry.

“Our policy has been the usual prices, reflecting changes in the life cycle of a product,” said a Nokia spokesman.

Nokia unveiled the Lumia smartphones on Wednesday, causing rapid disappointment by investors seeking a transformation of their mobile phones to rescue the former leader of the market, but said the price at which they sell.

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