Nokia announces Lumia sold 4.4 million and its shares soar

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Specifically, net sales of its devices and services unit totaled 3,900 million euros in the third quarter.


Nokia has advanced Thursday that its fourth quarter was higher than that collected in their forecasts. Among other data, the Finnish company has confirmed that it sold 4.4 million Lumia phones in that quarter .

Positive data have caused the company’s stock will reach 18 percent shooting in the Helsinki Stock Exchange, but later the increase was reduced to 9 percent. Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop , was delighted the“solid” fourth quarter of 2012, which have exceeded expectationsand achieved profitability in its core services and devices unit, which in the case of division Nokia Siemens Networks has reached record levels.

” We focus on our priorities and as a result we have sold 14 million “smartphones” Asha and Lumia manage our costs while efficient way, and Nokia Siemens Networks has produced another very good quarter, “he added. Specifically, net sales of its devices and services unit totaled3,900 million euros in the third quarter , while the number of devices sold reached 86.3 million units, of which 4.4 million were ” smartphones “Lumia, better data than expected.

Nokia also stressed that it sold 9.3 million phones Asha and 2.2 operating system Symbian . So, expect the operating margin in the fourth quarter of this division to move between 2% and breakeven, compared with its previous forecast, we expected that the margin will be around -6%.

Meanwhile, operating expenses were lower than expected, because more savings under its restructuring program. However, he warns that the seasonality of the business and the competitive environment is expected to have an impact “negative” in the underlying profitability of this division in the first quarter of 2013 compared with the last of 2012.

For Nokia Siemens Networks, has also exceeded expectations with sales of approximately EUR 4,000 million and an operating margin of between 13% and 15%, above 8% collected in the latest forecast.Moreover, while cost management has been better than expected, also expects a negative impact in the first three months of the year in its underlying profitability.


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