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In an inexplicable move, Nokia lost the Christmas season in some areas. Their best bet, the Lumia 920 , will not come to some places to the first two weeks of January. It is surprising, especially because it is available in other countries in Europe and the U.S., where sales are good. 

The consolation prize is the Lumia 820 , the only phone in the new range, with Windows Phone 8 – which itself will be available from this week. It is smaller (4.3 inch screen) and the camera does not have optical image stabilization to make the 920 one of the interesting bets on mobile photography. It is, however, cheaper and lighter and the like 920 can be charged wirelessly if the housing is properly placed, which in this case is sold as an accessory. It will cost 499 euros free.

The two had their official launch last week but almost more interesting than these two high-end smartphones and is the third bet half 2013. An input end mobile dubbed Lumia 620. 

It is the first Windows Mobile Phone 8 which lowers the free price 300 euros (269 euros cost). Of course the price is further sacrificing screen, which remains at 3.8 inches and the camera is five megapixels instead of eight but it is a Windows Mobile Phone 8 in full, with Office applications and 7 Gb Skydrive storage space. 

For Microsoft will be a key phone, especially if you want to stop the advance of Android in the low and in emerging countries such as China. In Asia, many manufacturers offer Android phones already below 150 euros but the 620 is a good first step in that direction. 

For Nokia, however, is a model with greater involvement because it enters into direct competition with the Asha range of phones that use Symbian yet. With Nokia Symbian points can reach much lower prices, but the operating system does not arouse the same interest as Android. Windows 8 is the natural candidate to replace the medium term, as is possible to integrate the Microsoft operating system on phones becoming cheaper.

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