Nissan will launch the car with electronic steering

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The Japanese automaker Nissan announced it will launch the first car in 2013 with technology steer-by-wire .Instead of connecting the wheel to the wheels through a mechanical linkage – the famous bar direction – on the new system the command is transmitted from the wheel to the wheels electronically.Wheels, the commands are interpreted and used to power electric motors that make the wheels turn or return to the original position.

According to the company, the system transmits the intention of the driver to the wheels at a speed greater than the mechanical connection.The system itself is in charge of making small adjustments to the wheels due to irregularities in the floor, and leaving the driver free from the steering wheel shake.

Keeping the line

The electronic steering also has the extra help of a camera installed in front of the mirror inside, which helps the driver keep the car stable on the road, preventing it dance on the runway for subtle movements on the steering wheel.According to Nissan, “this system is an innovation in global terms, a technology that improves vehicle stability by making small adjustments angle so that the vehicle monitors the way to keep on track when you are traveling.”

The system can also cancel the car swings generated by crosswinds, natural or generated by passing other cars.Everything is done automatically, without the driver feel in the steering wheel adjustments that the system vai making wheels.

Backup mechanical

The electronic system has three processing units and a fault detection system that automatically switches control to the next processor if there was any flaw in what is controlling the direction.If the battery pifar, and all the electronics stop working, a “clutch” mechanically connects the steering wheel to the wheels – a system like brakes elevators – and the car is being driven mechanically, in the traditional way.

While giving security to the driver, the mechanical backup system increases the weight of the whole, possibly negating the gains fuel economy that the system should provide.

But in evaluating the company, it is important for consumers to gain confidence in the technology.

All electronic

The electronic steering or steer-by-wire , is part of the concept drive-by-wire , where all commands of the car are now made electronically.

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