Nismo-Nissan announces its own ‘Smartwatch’ Driver

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Nissan has announced its own ‘Smartwatch’ called Nismo Watch, which is aimed at drivers of their cars. The device can be connected to the vehicles through Smart Bluetooth addition to the option of being able to connect to social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram.



The consumer electronics companies are not the only interested in notebook technology that dresses because, he picked the site Mashable, the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan is immersed in the design of their own ‘smartwatch’. The device, which will be renamed Nissan Nismo Watch, will be officially presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The primary audience is mainly intended this product is precisely the owners of race cars Nissan Nismo. The smart watch design would be in keeping with the style of this type of drivers and would have the ability to connect to the car via Bluetooth Smart device.

Other features that Nissan has revealed its ‘smartwatch’ are the option of registering biometric information through a monitor with built cardiómetro or the ability to know the efficiency of the car thanks to its speed meter and fuel consumption. In addition, Nissan Intelligent clock count also with Speed ​​Social software that allow users to connect to social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram.

Watch The Nismo Nissan also include temperature sensors to the skin and will be handled with just two buttons. In addition, the aforementioned watch, which we see in white, black and red, you have a battery of up to seven days.

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