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Nikon has introduced a new 24.1 megapixel camera D7100 format DX. This made ​​the office manager of the Russian Dmitry Korostelev . 



According to him, it’s a camera for enthusiasts. If you like to take the natural and urban landscapes or wildlife, if you love to travel, then the new Nikon D7100 camera is for you. It is equipped with lots of powerful features that extend the format DX. Moreover, thanks to robust housing, resistant to different weather events, this extraordinarily productive portable camera you can take with you everywhere.

Dmitry Korostelev gave some interesting figures about the popularity of SLR cameras does not fall, and of those who use cameras Nikon, 70-80% satisfied with them, recommend to friends and plan to next camera purchase only from that company. Powerful format CMOS DX with a resolution of 24.1 megapixel guarantees detailed images. Due to the fact that it is not used optical low-pass filter (OLPF), megapixels are used as the matrix, and it can achieve extremely high resolution. The images obtained are extremely blurred, which provides ultra-high transmission even these textures with the finest details such as hair or feathers.Furthermore, the use of the processor EXPEED 3 image processing for high-speed operation of the camera, and accurate color reproduction and a more effective noise reduction. The camera has high sensitivity ISO (from 100 to 6400, expandable to 25,600 units ISO) and is supported by high-speed continuous shooting at up to 6 frames per second. 

Nikon D7100
AF system camera Nikon D7100 delivers the performance characteristic of a professional camera, by using the same algorithm, which is used in cameras D4. Using a 51-point AF with 15 cross-type sensors in the central zone can achieve perfect accuracy and “capture” of the object. Faster initial definition AF lets you quickly focus even when shooting heavily blurred images. For the first time in this class of cameras supported by the AF at a total aperture of f / 8, easily used to combine lenses and teleconverters. AF phase detection is supported up to a minimum level of brightness, which is -2 EV. This ensures accurate focusing even under minimal lighting, in particular, if you shoot in the moonlight. 


Scene Recognition System uses a powerful 2016-pixel metering sensor for accurate determination of the shooting facility. In addition, for more precise control, it automatically optimizes exposure, autofocus and auto white balance. Sharing a 51-point AF system, and 2016-pixel RGB sensor camera Nikon D7100 delivers unprecedented excellent performance.Rugged Camera Nikon D7100 with top and rear covers made ​​of magnesium alloy provides superior integrity, protecting the camera from dust and moisture, which contributes exceptional reliability This comfortable and easy camera. Its weight is only 675 to protect against dust and moisture all its attachable parts have gaskets, and on or off the camera function is automatically activated sensor cleaning. In addition, its shutter has been tested for 150,000 cycles of operation in difficult conditions. camera can record video in the format Full HD (1920×1080 pixels) at a frame rate when shooting in a mode to 60i/50i 1.3 times the crop and to 30p/25p / 24p format DX. Well as real-time support using different artistic effects such as “Selective color”. In addition, the camera Nikon D7100 is equipped with built-in stereo and is also compatible with an external microphone ME-1. When shooting high-contrast scenes feature Active D-Lighting (ADL) can save the details in light and in the dark areas, even in the case of the motion of the object . In the balanced fill-flash can be adjusted for optimum flash output. When the subject brightness that much different, to save the details in dark and light areas in you can use the high dynamic range (HDR). In this case, you will create two consecutive images with different exposures, which are then intelligently combined into one image. With the optional mobile wireless adapter WU-1a images stored on the camera Nikon D7100, can be sent wirelessly to a smart device or iOS Android for their further uploading to web sites or social networking sites to share photographs. In addition, the camera can be controlled by an intelligent device.

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