Nexus 7 reaches, the low cost tablet by Google

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This product is intended for a different audience than the Apple tablet, because it costs less and focuses on different functions. The new operating system Jelly Bean offers new and useful applications

They had heard rumors the past few days, when it was leaked a few images from Google headquarters. Then, last night, and expected the new 7-inch tablet was presented for real, along with other important new software and product. It’s called Nexus 7 , has a definition HD display with 1280×800 pixels, and a memory of 8 GB or 16, plus a 1.2 megapixel front camera. Built by Asus, has a Tegra-3 quad core processor from Nvidia, wi-fi and bluetooth, but, unfortunately, lacks connectivity via the 3G or 4G data network. The Android operating system is the newest Jelly Bean, which was also launched last night in the annual convention held in San Francisco for developers of Google. It is sold at $ 199 (8GB) and $ 249 (16GB) via the Google website sevices Play.

Many have called the ‘ anti iPad , but it really seems like a completely different product, designed for a range of different users. Meanwhile, the size is smaller than three inches less, although there are rumors that Apple will soon also a small tablet. In the second place does not offer the possibility of 3G or 4G connection, which means it can be used only in the network wi-fi. The internal memory is small, and the price range is quite different (the iPad entry-level 16 GB Wi-Fi costs $ 499). So? It seems more like a competitor to Kindle Fire , the tablet sold by Amazon, which has had some success but never worried Apple in terms of leadership.

Nexus 7 is an interesting product, which costs little but gives so much, for those who want to spend less, or who wants to make a first experience with a tablet. Its added value stems from the fact that you have Jelly Bean , the newest version of Android that, to date, is the most popular operating system in the world. This means relying on a showcase of applications almost endless (Play on Google, it says there are about 600,000 applications), as well as enjoy unique features like Google Now, which allows the tablet to provide information related to our own agenda and our displacements. If, for example, a user must take a train at noon, Now Google provides information about the traffic to reach the station, and if there is a blockage, the proposed alternative routes or retrieves the nearest bus schedules .

Even Google, then, says its in the world of tablets that starts to get really crowded. A few days ago that Microsoft has introduced its product, positioned in a price range and highest performance and, therefore, more like the iPad. But Google has a competitive advantage, focusing on a range of different users and more consistent, being based on an operating system that has beaten Apple to iPhone OS as diffusion, and focusing on a very consistent display of content, be it movies, books, albums or products.

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