Nexus 7 could have a version of 76 euros

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Last year during the CES show in Las Vegas, ASUS showed a prototype 7-inch tablet that was later known as the Nexus 7 .Few suspected at that time that this device would shift the market but, due to its excellent quality and attractive price, has almost completely changed the market , even Apple already has its own product, iPad Mini.

Well, fellow Android Help given in this article it seems that for the event this year in the city of the game, ASUS have prepared the launch of another device with a screen size of Mimas but inside include a lower-capacity components to thereby provide a price tighter than the first Nexus 7.

Some sources claim that this model would be a new member of the Google reference range , and some that could be atablet from ASUS for their own portfolio … but what is certain is that the device is real and therefore , already leaked the first data on it thanks to GL Benchmark specific benchmark.Therefore, some truth must exist.


What is known of this future tablet

In the data that you can see from the screenshot above you can see, for example, that the new device, whose nameME172V ASUS will have a SoC running at 1 GHz , but more data are unknown, such as their nuclei or Cortex architecture.Yes, could be a model WonderMedia, namely a WM8950. Your graphics card, by the way, it is speculated that it is a Mali-400 .

On the screen, except that its size is 7 inches, it is known that its resolution will be 1024 x 600 , so it would not provide a truly remarkable quality, but it can reduce the cost of production. Finally, it also appears that the RAM is 1 GB.

The fact is that ASUS ME172V could be a new Nexus 7 cheaper … but also a specific model of the Asian company.Regardless, we must be attentive to the CES in Las Vegas , to finally know what it has prepared. A Model for $ 99, € 80, you seem interesting on paper?


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