Nexus 10: Vice President of Google filters more photos

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On 29 Google is planning an event to be presented LG Nexus 4, Android 4.2 and, perhaps, Google Nexus 10 . The latter is a 10-inch tablet that aims to compete with Apple’s iPad. The rumors and leaks regarding this device are great, and shows that not long ago leaked images that are supposed to be your manual.And, despite the closeness of the presentation, they do not stop and favored by Google itself, as Vic’s hand Gudontra (VP Engineering Company) have been able to see some pictures taken with Google Nexus 10.

In them, there are some interesting facts that can be known, apart from offering good quality, obviously. The first is that its resolution is 2048 x 1536 , so if you take this as high as possible, the camera that was used has a sensor of 3.1 megapixels . And, apparently seen, it works pretty well if so … Here you have the two images you shared this account Directing Google+ .

The details have been known for metadata of images

This information was known by data EXIF of images that have been leaked. Normally you have to doubt much of the metadata of the photos that are shared, but in this case since it is all a vice president of Google, we see no reason to doubt the veracity of the information they contain.

Therefore, it is clear that this tablet is that it is a project of Google and Samsung, but it is a reality and must be fully completed … That is, Google Nexus 10 should already be in an advanced stage of manufacture massive and could be, that this is one of the surprises that are saved to the presentation on 29 October in New York. Also, do not forget that the model 3G Nexus 7 is already on the FCC in the certification process and are expected to be heading into the event … many seem to be the news.

Only two days to know what Google has “hidden” to surprise the market, so there is not much. Yes, everything indicates that it will be a presentation full of content … that is what, in the end, really matters.

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