Nexus 10 becomes available on Google Play. Nexus 4 will in February

The high-end tablet Google with 10-inch screen, the Nexus 10 , again available at the online store finder. Its launch was so successful as the Nexus 4, although the stock has yet moving parts but its availability is expected for February.

Nexus 10

Good news for users interested in purchasing a Nexus tablet 10. Since I come out on sale in November the possibilities of acquiring the equipment manufactured by Samsung its units has been possible to buy just because demand depleted its units in minutes. Months later,Google seems to have fixed the problem and supply becomes available in their online store. Relaunching the tablet includes two versions, both the capacity of 16 GB, priced at 399 euros , as the 32 GB , available for 499 euros . Know if the problem will be that he lived with his initial release and we do not know if the drives will run out soon, but at this time can be added seamlessly to cart in Google Play . restocked Nexus stock 10 serves as an advance which will shortly have the Nexus 4 . The smartphone manufactured by LG had a better reception if possible and broke records on its release to sell out in minutes. However, the lack of foresight on the part of Google prevented them to return out new units for sale and in recent months we have seen a real soap opera around the back to a terminal market very attractive for its high performance compared and reduced price compared to other high-end smartphones (299 euros in its 8GB version).

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