The next iPad and iPhones can have larger screens

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Although the new iPhone 5S just have released, and begin the speculation over the future of Apple’s mobile phone and other of its products, such as tablets iPad. According to reports DisplaySearch, a firm NPD Group’s auditors, among others, the American video game market, the future of Apple devices is to go for a renewal of the screens, the same way that made with iPhone 4 when he jumped from a standard resolution of 72 dots per inch to the “retina display” high definition allowing these devices. Based on research in supply chains, Apple would change next year all screens products, making this change the main point of innovation in these new versions. The average venture to speculate not only new releases but also new products, including the rumored iWatch or Apple TV. According to this information, to be taken as speculation: – The iPhone 6 will have two versions, both with a larger screen size than the iPhone 5/5S. While Apple’s current mobile is 4 inches and a resolution of 1136×640, the iPhone 6 would have two versions : A 4.7-inch screen with a resolution of 1280×720 (ie 720p), and one that would be a phablet of 5.7-inch, Full HD resolution of 1920×1080. Both would come, according to information at the end of 2014. – would also developments in the case of the iPad. The next version of Apple’s tablet would maintain its 9.7 inches and its definition of 2048×1536, but the screen would have a much finer edge. Come out later this year, while the real news would be the next iPad, hypothetically planned for 2014, which would increase to 12.9 inch screen and resolution up to 2732×2048. The iPad Mini would maintain its size, but its second version would make the 7.9 inch screen pass to be 1024×768 to 2048×1536 resolution retina, the same as the current iPad. – Finally, the next MacBook Air will reduce your screen 12 inches (from 13.3) but increase its resolution to 2304×1440 pixels. The report adds two specifications that carry Apple products rumored and years and have never been announced. The first is the Apple TV “real”, not the device that connects to TVs. This TV would be 55 or 65 inches, with a 4Kx2K LCD display 120Hz Regarding the iWatch , the course prepares watch Apple, the report says that 1.3-inch screen would or 1.63, with a definition of 320×320

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