News by Facebook, now recognizes gay couples

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Facebook recognizes gay couples: if two same-sex couples declare their union, an icon appears depicting two men or two women. To push the new, revived by many sites including the Mashable blog, perhaps the recent wedding of one of its co-founders, Chris Hughes, and his companion. Hughes has posted on its timeline a wedding photo and the event was marked by an icon depicting two men from Facebook. After knowing what users like, thanks to the dedicated button, Facebook might be interested now in ‘what they want’. 

According to a U.S. programmer resumed from leading sites specializing in fact everything would be ready for a key ‘Want’ that will accompany the famous ‘Like’. According to Tom Waddington in the source code of the program appeared in the small line “fb: Wants>”, which could herald the introduction of the function: “The function is not listed among the ‘official’ supported by Facebook – explains the programmer to the specialized site Inside Facebook – as is done now for the key should work only with objects of type ‘Open Graph’, labeled as objects.


” With the new feature, which was also discussed by other rumors in recent months, Facebook could give an additional impetus to advertising on the site, allowing for example to directly purchase an item or sending advertisements ‘targeted’ to those who declare they want a certain product .

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