New Yorkers face the hurricane Sandy in a ghost town

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“The whole system is paralyzed,” reads in red on the screens of the 468 metro stations in the city.

Barcelona / New York (Writing / Agencies.) – New York High expectation of the imminent arrival of Hurricane Sandy , the effects begin to be felt in lower Manhattan, in the city’s financial district, where they have produced the first flood . With winds up to 120 kilometers per hour, has paralyzed public institutions and services of the metropolis.

Francesc Peiron correspondent of La Vanguardia in the Big Apple, told in first person how to live the hours before the arrival of Hurricane Sandy in New York. “It is undeniable that the profile (of the city) has changed, and schools, especially without meter. But areas like the Upper West Side of Manhattan and the Hudson River Park, a crowd of walkers have comparable nearly a Sunday “says Peiron.

“Entire families strolling, looking to take pictures. Many shops were closed, but also many that remain open, with the shutters down supermarkets and other crowded shopping. In those open, stocks have recupeado after the tremendous rush that had the Sunday. Despite the wind and rain at times, this city is still far from seeming ghost. At least, waiting for Sandy arrives in full force, “says the correspondent of the newspaper.

“The whole system is paralyzed”

You can read in red on the screens of the 468 metro stations in the city. Also buses and trains remained in the garages as a precaution and United Nations, Wall Street , schools, universities, theaters and many offices and shops are closed on Monday.

On the streets, walking by far fewer people than usual, there is only one topic of conversation: the perfect storm. And everywhere conversations end with the same phrase: “Stay safe” (Be careful).

“I am satisfied that the authorities address the issue so carefully,” opined one man in the Upper East Side neighborhood, reported dpa. “Better safe. I myself have made collection of stocks, but not really worry me because I live on the ninth floor,” he adds.

Nearly 400,000 people in the New York area had to leave their homes and move to shelters before the arrival of Sandy. In many supermarkets and stores sold out bottles of water, cans of nonperishable food, flashlights and batteries.

“It was crazy,” said a salesman. “People just asked for flashlights, batteries, gas stoves and that sort of thing. We emptied the store.” Meanwhile, a client regretted not being able to buy candles anywhere. Despite all precautions, Sandy does not seem to go spreading panic among New Yorkers, accustomed to storms and chaos.

“We have overcome so many things,” recalled a man. “Also we can with this.” Some stores decided to open on Monday, with or without Sandy sight. “We opened on Monday. And we have batteries” could be read on Sunday in a toy store.

Meanwhile, a shoe advantage to advertise their “boots for all weather” and a clothing store encouraged his customers with the slogan: “Take care and come to buy.”

Besides the empty streets and closed schools, the perfect storm has arrived in the U.S. in the middle of the stretch of the campaign and shortly before Halloween, celebrated on Wednesday. “It would be sad if my kids could not ask for candy from house to house,” said one woman. “But on the other hand, this year will live a truly terrifying Halloween,” he added.

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