New wave of spam as direct messages in Twitter

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Surely many of whom regularly you use Twitter you have proven that your direct voicemail have appeared in the last hours messages supposedly sent by friends but including English phrases and links rather strange.

Distrust, because it is producing a significant wave of malicious spam microblogging network , as many users are saying on Twitter. The messages are often written in English and try to alert the user to pages that supposedly are talking bad about him, his images have been posted … or similar inappropriate.

As you might suspect, the messages were not sent by our contact, but by a robot, a hacker who has gained access to your account and is sending messages to all their followers. The goal? In some cases it may be only bother with the spam, but other times, the user can be compromised their safety if they click on the link that accompanies the phrase-hook.

If you click on it, usually conducírsele to another website where you can ask for personal or account information in Twitter … that later may fall into the hands of cybercriminals.

If you receive one of these messages it is best to delete it immediately and notify the contact attempt allegedly sent him to tell us that your account has been compromised and you should change your passwords.

In fact, this exercise should be a habit. It would not hurt that every three or four months, in a systematic way, we changed the passwords of our social networks, as a preventive measureto prevent hackers could acquire.

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