New virus attacks BlackBerry phones

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The virus is disguised as a 
security application or an upgrade license for banking transactions from mobile devices . The user downloads it intended to protect, but in truth it infringes your phone.

Dubbed as Zeus or Zitmo , the malware steals user data bank and has free access to your bank account if a hacker decides to dispose of it. To further deceive, uses a lock icon.

The malware circulating since 2010, but the company warns computer security specialist Kaspersky Lab , intensified their attacks in recent months. Specifically, four of the five Trojans circulating in this series affect RIM’s operating system .


According to the agency sources , to date had never encountered a case of attack so direct and intense with BlackBerry phones . The fifth Trojan is intended for devices with Android , Google, which are the most popular smartphones .

The firm Kaspersky warns that the incidence of this type of virus will increase as they also increase the mobile payment systems . In turn, encourages users to not install unknown applications .

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