New technology enables use of touchscreen even with wet surface

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Imagine the following scene: you’re walking out of the bath and his cell phone rings. Answering if your hand is still wet and the touchscreen simply refuses to recognize the movement of the finger on the screen? For the solution may be about to get to your smartphone.

Freescale announced a new technology that will stop this kind of problem, allowing you to use the resources of its tactile device even when it is wet. Called Xtrinsic 3.0, the novelty is able to increase the sensitivity of the display, avoiding the so-called “false positives” and causing the machine to recognize the act and perform the required function.

The feature is currently being displayed at a trade show in India, which means that he is ready and waiting for an incentive of some big company to popularize. Moreover, according to Freescale, it was not done thinking only in phones, but in industrial, medical and automotive. However, it is not difficult to see the potential in the application on smartphones.

Just do not expect the Xtrinsic 3.0 can do it access your Facebook and bottom of a pool. In this case, there is no miracle can save your handset.

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