New security flaw in Internet Explorer

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Microsoft has detected a new vulnerability in Internet Explorer that facilitates computer attacks related to data theft and the use of the remote computer. The company has responded with yet another patch for this program.

Internet Explorer is the second most widely used browser, surpassed only by Google Chrome. This new error detected the crash will benefit users who have been suffering the Microsoft browser in recent times.

The ruling could affect hundreds of millions of users who would be committed to your safety when visiting malicious website that infect your computer with viruses “Poison Ivy”, this type of malicious software to take control of remote computers or obtaining personal data stored on the hard drive. This type of hacking is known as “0day” and are failures that knows neither the manufacturer rarely occur.This way when you receive one of these faults, besides engage its users, the company is evidenced losing the confidence of users, both individuals and companies.

Microsoft has responded by providing all the EMET tool to solve the problem temporarily. According to antivirus software developers such a tool has proven to be quite effective to demonstrate part of incompatibilities with external programs that anyone may have already installed on your computer.

Symantec and other major antivirus vendors have updated their products to protect customers against the ‘bug’ recently discovered in Internet Explorer. However, Liam O Murchu, responsible for security of the famous antivirus company, said that  might not be enough  to ward off enemies.

In short this is a response a bit cumbersome, which can cause users to simply changing browser solved with a simple click of mouse.

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