New Samsung Galaxy S IV system will have to navigate by sight

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The fight for the smart phone market is becoming more complicated. The design is not enough. Users require ever more innovative.

It happened in the recent trade show in Barcelona mobile devices. Dozens of brands brought their teams’ top line “, with big screens, innovative designs and prices. But the feeling was that the level of innovation, the offer was modest: all teams were powerful, fast and glossy screens, but few have that feature that really compels switch teams.

Samsung Galaxy S IV

Samsung Galaxy S IV

That’s why Samsung decided to include developing a new technology in the next version of its smartphone more importantly, the Galaxy S IV, a team that will be released next Thursday in New York.

And if the rumors are true, for the first time a device of this nature away from the tactile and voice and points to a new direction: the look.

According to a report in the New York Times, a source who claims to have been testing the phone a week ago, says that one of the most revolutionary features that will have the equipment, which will have a five-inch screen, a 13 megapixel camera and full HD-Eye will call Scroll, which will navigate through text and web pages without having to touch the screen.

Although the article does not give many details of how it operates, the system was patented in the U.S. and Europe, patent sheds some light on how it would work.

The system is able to detect when the eye of the reader reaches the beginning or end of the sheet or web page in order to automatically advance to the next page.

This would be possible, thanks to a combination of the front chamber of the equipment, together with infrared sensors which are able to see the movement and position of the eyes at all times.

The patent does not disclose Co-Mo works technically, but speaks of the ability to perform different actions with the eye movement on laptops and cell phones, tablets and even cameras.

Looking into your eyes
This is not the first time that Samsung is set in the eyes of its users to deliver extra functions to the phone. The current model, the Samsung Galaxy S III, has a system called Smart Stay, which, again using the front camera, determines whether or not the user is looking at the screen, not to decrease the brightness while reading or watching a video .

In addition, in 2012, the motto of S III launch was “technology designed to humans”, so that all types of systems to use the phone more naturally, was welcome.

The eye-tracking technology known as Eye-Tracking is not obtained an idea of ​​science fiction, but it is currently being developed by several companies worldwide.

One early example occurred in 2010, when the Japanese company NTT DoCoMo introduced a prototype, using special headphones, could measure the energy produced by moving the eyes in different directions and from there change a song.

The technology was improving and last year, DoCoMo along with a company called Tobii presented a tablet called the I Beam, which can fully control eyes. To do this, though, requires two sensors that are placed in the bottom of the tablet and its weight increases enough.

Another company that is working on a similar solution is the Danish The Eye Tribe, which claims to have a different-yet-revealed, but can be applied to existing tablets and used in current games.

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