New rumors and talk of the iPhone in 2014

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We are still in the early stages of this current year 2013 and there is still much year ahead. That is a reality that no one can take away. But it is also true that not unlikely we started moving details of which will arrive in the coming year 2014. In this regard we have a number of rumors , unconfirmed as always, that will be the talk of the newest iPhone next year.



his iPhone fit in that previous rumors have indicated that Apple is working on a cheaper model. The characteristics that you are attributing are certainly individuals and would imply that a smartphone before us different to the usual Apple catalog. For example, it is indicated that the housing be made ​​from polycarbonate, which will make it appear that it is a shaped current iPhone, but covered by an accessory.

On the other hand, the screen is said to grow to a size of 4.5 inches, which would be in line to increase not too surprising to followers of the apple company . If this increase in size is consistent with increased resolution, which would not be strange, it’s something I have not said anything about it.

What did happen in the light of these characteristics is that the thickness of the phone would increase over previous iPhone measures. If we remember what we have said before, that the phone would seem an iPhone with a case , it would be somewhat understandable. On the other hand, and not least, the price is linked to the review of the iPhone is $ 330 U.S. and its release, and this is something that has certainly shocked, not be given until next year 2014.

The rumors come from Japan and have little merit if we want is evidence. Coming from a terminal Apple is rather unlikely to have confirmed rumors and solid , so if we want to cling to this theory until you confirm or disprove is something we should decide for themselves. Apple is working on another iPhone, one that calls attention to new features, is an idea that can be taken for valid. I include this next iPhone and it is something that is in the air for the interpretation of each.

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