New Office for Mac

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The technology companies make big announcements about the products being prepared, after all is one of the exhibitions ICT, software and computers largest in the world. This year’s batch of news Microsoft initiated.

On the morning of Wednesday in Hannover, the manager of Microsoft Germany, Thorsten Hübschen, announced as part of the fair that the Redmond giant is preparing a new version of the Office productivity suite that is compatible with Mac operating systems This is probably one of the news that Apple computer users have been waiting a long time.

The last time the company updated its office suite for computers was in 200, following the decision of Steve Ballmer never get Office for Apple mobile devices and the consequent disappearance of the division that had Microsoft with developers willing to support content with Macs.

The truth is that the mandate of Satya Nadella of Microsoft is already starting to notice, this notice and the creation of the Office Online are clear examples of this. This new version of the package over the world used office appears one day after Google decided to implement improvements to its own package online .

Although there has been no official date for the launch of this new version of Mac Office, is known to be for this year, though not for the first half.

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