New Music Service streaming in market: Twitter Music

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The music service streamimg Twitter, launched last April 18, is now available for users of Spain, Germany, Italy and France , among other countries, as confirmed by the team in its official Twitter account. Users can connect to the iPhone application or through the web browser.

Twitter Music

Twitter Music

The music application has four tabs . One of them is called People and sample music that is trending on Twitter, while the tab Emerging displays the “hidden talent that is in the tweets” in the words of the company.

Twitter Music also has a tab called Suggested , musicians showing the user might like based on the artists who follow in Twitter. Finally, in the tab Main shows the songs that fans are listening, for example, if the tweets of their followers mention that they are listening to a song by a particular singer, the song will be shown on the page.

Twitter has been integrated into the application music services Rdio, Spotify and iTunes , that let you play songs directly, reports Expansion . With iTunes, just listening to a prior hearing, but with Rdio and Spotify users can log in with their accounts and listen to complete songs topics.

Until now,  Twitter Music was available in the U.S., Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. After his arrival in Spain and three other European countries, Twitter announced plans to launch in other markets.


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