New images of VLC for Windows 8 and Windows RT

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The saga of his arrival in VLC and Windows 8 could be near the end. New images of the video player on most popular open source have been shown in Kickstarter. And it seems to be in a very advanced stage of development. So, VLC should not be delayed for Windows 8 and Windows RT , with an interface adapted to Modern UI (Metro).



Although a beta was scheduled for last month , the difficulties posed téctnicas porting VLC to the new system (especially Windows RT) have delayed the company’s plans. We asked Jean-Baptiste Kempf, leader, and told us that they had made ​​”90% of the process without losing options for the desktop version . ” And what you can see from the pictures, they have won in the visuals.


However, the code remains to adapt has many compatibility problems with Microsoft’s API (MSVCRT 11.0), although VLC is bent on not giving up any options. The result: the development continues, but no specific date of arrival in the Windows Store.

All indications are that the next step on the road is a version of VLC for Windows Phone 8 , a system with many shades, not too far from that currently holds them.

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