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Twitter continues its efforts to make its service platform in a very easy to use . This draws on other social networks like Facebook or Instagram, but also third-party applications. Just introduced a new method ofsharing tweets , of any kind, whether email, containing photographs or simply a short link. Of course the user can retweet his followers in the microblogging network, but often want to share it with other people who are not members of the social network, such as parents. So, has introduced a feature that allows a tweet sent by email directly from the site The e-mail can be allocated to any Internet user does not belong to that social network. 

The operation was carried out from the Twitter account, in particular, have to click on the More icon appearing next to reply, retweet and favorite buttons. In addition, the user can add their own comments , and the system takes care of sending the email with the tweet and commentary. The company will launch this new feature in succession, so that over the coming weeks is available to all users.


This new feature of sharing tweets by email is not as new, because that could be done using other Twitter applications developers, for example, Hootsuite or TweetDeck. Anyway, this new provision responds to requests from users who want to interact with others who are not members of that social network .So, this could serve to promote the site of microblogs and attract more users to its platform.

It is not the only improvement the company announced during the month of November. Last Thursday Twitter showed its new filters for photos , which are similar to Instagram. For example, add a palette at the top of the photos and videos in the search results. The goal is that users can see much more information than just the 140 characters of current tweets. The service is increasingly visually rich. Although a 140-character tweet may also contain other information such as a bond or a retweet, the question is different when you do a search. This comes complete with a snapshot of the pictures on mobile devices . Previously, if a tweet was a photo associated with the user’s smartphone Android or iOS should play in the tweet to view full-size photo. Now, mobile users have a preview of the big picture directly to your updates. Besides, the company has unveiled its first mobile function “letters”, which was previously only available in web browsers that incorporates multimedia content as headlines and photos.

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