New Firefox 19 for Windows, Mac and Android PDF viewer

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Mozilla today officially launched the Firefox browser 19 for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android . The improvements of the new version of Mozilla’s best known product include an integrated PDF viewer on the desktop, Android theme support and reduces the minimum CPU to allow use in a greater number of smartphones.

Firefox 19

The most substantial improvement of this version is PDF.js, a JavaScript library that allows you to convert PDF files to HTML 5, developed by the Mozilla Research Lab. Technically, the tool was already available in Firefox 18, released scant month and a half ago , but it was necessary to activate it manually.

The key point of the integrated PDF viewer is that it avoids having to use closed source plugins, which “potentially gold could expose users to security vulnerabilities,” according to Mozilla. It also reduces the size of Firefox, as the display of PDF plugins have their own code to draw images and text.

PDF.js loads and renders PDF files directly in browser deformed faster because it uses the HTML5 standard API. And can run on various platforms: computers, tablets and phones.

The browser Firefox 19 for Android , meanwhile, will be operational in phones with the minimum of 600 MHz , 512 MB ​​and HVGA, making it available to more than 15 million mobile phones today, including the LG Optimus One , HTC Wildfire S and ZTE R750.

Firefox for Android also features theme support , available through add-ons that let you change the look of Firefox with a few taps. Just visit, click on the People tab, select the favorite topic and then save it in the browser. Furthermore, the language now includes Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

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