New features of Android 4.2: Leaked

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You begin to have indications on what we see in Android 2.4 , whose surname tilts between Key Lime Pie and Kandy Kane . According exposed from Android Police , and there is a version Alpha in the hands of developers, an issue that also is working on a candidate to be one of the possible mobile Nexus-specifically, the model that has been attributed to the South Korean LG . This device has warned the Quick Settings, an evolution assigned to the notification bar that seems to give access to new features.

Quick Settings , which in theory would not be fully developed yet, doubling the command would activate the currently deployed notifications curtain . That is, after the said sliding bar downwards, which would repeat the gesture, so that one would open a new window downward . It would includeother configuration criteria , although at present it is unclear which ones would be integrated here .In any case, it seems strange that he would propose the solution Google with this new Quick Setup function.

Quick Settings Android 4.2

And is that the deployment of two shades from the top of the screen could be, in principle, a somewhat confusing to access data and configuration. Suppose, for example, once the second rod extended further notifications are received. In this case, it is questionable whether it could be redeployed paragraph as has become traditional and unusual, or the quick setup menu would have some kind of command to retreat. In this sense, the video filter from said web offers few answers, so you have to be patient until more data become available.

This past June was unveiled Android 1.4 Jelly Bean for tablets and smartphones , but the spread of this version of the system is not being particularly agile on compatible equipment. The Samsung Galaxy S3, for example, still have not received in full update , and only Series teams Nexus and the Motorola Xoom have been updated in all versions.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the only team that has gone on sale with this issue in native mode, which will also see the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini , which is expected to take place in November. During this s econd half of October should also notify the availability of the HTC Jelly Bean One X.

The fact is that the penetration of Android 4.1 is still too anecdotal in the park compatible equipment, and yet there are already signs of the imminent arrival of Android 4.2. Specifically, there is talk that the anniversary of the presentation of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus , those of Mountain View could reveal developments in both families . And not only that: the possibility that for the first time will discover various models manufactured by different companies, LG, Samsung, HTC and Sony, also casts its shadow over the future of the Nexus range.

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