New details on the future Playstation 4

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According to several sources the second development kits would be coming to the developers and a third would be available in January, but not until summer 2013 when accessing the definitive development kits.

As these sources indicate future gaming platform will have optical support Blu-ray, and a 256GB hard drive (without specifying whether it is HDD or SSD). For the rest of the base hardware is a variant of the AMD A10 series that features an APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) which combine CPU and GPU, with which the sources can be moved to 60 fps 1080p games and 3D without any problem for the market of today and tomorrow. These kits also have 8Gb and 16Gb of RAM so that the developers can say about it.

The commentary specifies that Sony seeks to avoid the problems Orbis launch Playstation 3 and those “very affordable” but “that is solid and strong”

Regarding the user interface was revealed shortly, will allow players to press the PS button anytime access to the entire system, even buy a DLC in mid-game and return to it, “They’re trying to make it fluid as possible “says the source.

Finally comment that the console will be able to receive product updates in the background and you will always be in sleep mode, but this option can be disabled without problems.

Definitely a good collection of rumors to this future console, is expected to confirm these details in the coming months and that Sony made its announcement just before the next E3.

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