New bug in the iPhone 5, this time on the camera

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Since Apple must be fuming with the issues that are registering the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 .The latest comes built into the camera . And is that to our knowledge through TechCrunch , many users are saying that sometimes the pictures that are captured by the camera in reach terminal show flashes of color between purple and magenta distorting results lal realistic images. In practice, this gives the appearance that the capture error about achieved with application files that comprise filters , as Instagram , with the proviso that not a personalization can be controlled.


The flash always seems to arise in the upper margins of the photograph , if we understand this coordinate when we take pictures with the iPhone 5 in the vertical format . Apple still have not been encouraged to respond to this situation, and you succeed the theories of the reasons argue that rosacea stain appears on images.

One responsibility of the new lenses sapphire crystal by the appearance of flashes. It can be a possible cause, though perhaps not all of them have to give firm support to this behavior is showing why the iPhone 5 . It has also been suggested that the sensor in time of overload, can generate this error . In any case, are speculating that we currently do not have a clear answer, so we’ll have to wait until more is known about it, and the extent of how many units could be affected by this issue.

iPhone 5 error photos

There is, as we say, the only problem is to suffer the iPhone 5 at its premiere. Whether it’s the phone that Apple has signed the biggest opening of all editions – five million units in three days – has also been criticized by some flaws built into iOS coming June . The most talked about, and alsoaffect other compatible equipment this plataform to, is that of disparate maps with which the Californian firm despised Google Maps after beating the use of the license of the application ofMountain View .

But not alone. In addition, and now they are more focused on the iPhone 5 , users attended to problems on the virtual keyboard when entering their passwords on iTunes or the App Store , and check how the new and pretty terminal housing, made of aluminum and glass , is the most sensitive to scratchesthan any which have been installed in any of the six iPhones we have known since 2007.

While we wait for the second wave of releases of this phone , which will take place tomorrow, Friday, December 28 , and that includes Spain among the countries that will participate in the occasion, Apple remains silent on this and other issues , merely requesting patience user . And before this,manufacturers like Samsung or Nokia leverage to insist on promoting their competitive proposals in the field of terminals or applications.

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