New bug in iOS 6.1 so you can skip the “No change”

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The failures in the operating system iOS 6.1 we are especially numerous, but it is true that there are and have been detected.An example is problems with Exchange and the vulnerability of the lock screen. And, it seems, there is one more that affects so-called “No change”, widely used in terminals like iPhone 5 Similar and entities for their workers.

Specifically, what happens is that activation can thus “jump” through the use of a back door, as shown in iDownloadBlog, making it possible to install all applications on the handset with iOS version 6.1 installed and, therefore, the restrictions are wasted . Therefore, a problem for companies that want to use devices like iPhone professionally.

Well, “thank you” to Matt Cummings (responsible for locating the fault in the operating system), it was possible to detect the security hole affecting one of the latest developments of Apple’s operating system for mobile devices.


Yes, according to Jordan Kahn from 9 to 5 Mac the Cupertino company has confirmed that it is real problem and that is exactly what we have discussed above. Therefore, the door used to jump mode changes do not exist and therefore can not take into account the constraints.

In addition, Apple has indicated that no confirmed fix when it happens, but it is expected to happen in the time that you play the next update of iOS 6.1, some sources indicate that it could occur this Wednesday. Meanwhile, the company has indicated that recommends disabling installation and applications . It is what it is.

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