New Apple patent is so generic that it may initiate another war court soon

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Apple barely out of a battle with Samsung because of its patents and already hints that a new war could be waged in a not so distant future. All because the company decided to upgrade its record to unlock devices from the touchscreen – the famous “Slide to Unlock” – in a way so generic that can give precedent for many accusations.

Doubt it? According to the text, move your finger continuously on an unlock image on a touch screen as the action is detected company’s intellectual property. As if that were not enough, he still continues, describing the record as a motion picture from a starting point to a specific area.

Now stop and think what touchscreen handsets exactly fit that profile. Practically all, is not it? This means that, due to the extremely vague text, a new legal battle over patent infringement can be initiated at any time.

Of course, as happens in several legal texts, there are those who look for loopholes in the building for use as an argument. In this case, the point is in fact exactly the description saying that the release should happen in a particular region. The problem is that it leaves room for different interpretations, either as an icon in the form of specific – as a small padlock – or even the entire screen.

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