New Android devices with UltraHD

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It seems that upon hearing this news, the various rumors that had been mentioning earlier about the presence of the new Samsung Nexus May be coming true, as therein mentioned that this would be one Android devices with ability to record videos at a resolution UltraHD.


Samsung Nexus

Samsung Nexus

It should come as a complete surprise, since in the past CES and the MWC Qualcomm signature even made this sort of display with new Snapdragon processors 800 on their mobiles, remembering a little rumor that mentioned the Nexus 5, the it would have a rear Camera 16 Megapixel, which would have the ability to record 4K quality videos at 30 fps. Recent news refer to a small press release appears as a screenshot where it is mentioned that future Android devices will have this capability, which would theoretically be present by mid-2013.

Quality UltraHD

Several other rumors say that press release that was dropped and sealed as false, but given the progress that is taking Android technology, everything is possible to happen to the scheduled dates. For those who do not know, when referring to a resolution UltraHD video capture is being mentioned to four times what we now know as full HD (1080p), virtually we offer a resolution of 4096 × 2304 px.

What the company is seeking in new Android devices is to improve the resolution and definition video capture with their cameras. Now if those rumors mentioning the possible manufacture of Nexus smartphone 5 and its release very soon are true, then it would mean that this could be the first device of a new generation of computers UltraHD cameras capture mode .

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