Need Better Cameras in Phone-Go for Nokia Lumia 1020 or Sony Xperia Z1

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The moment that some phones make better pictures than most compact cameras it seems that finally has arrived. That at least is the feeling we have after spending a few days using 41 cameras and 20 megapixel equipping the Nokia Lumia 1020 and the Sony Xperia Z1. Two phones that along with the newly launched Lumia 1520 20 megapixel sensors have image with highest resolution.

Nokia has announced that both Lumia will be the first that can save photos in RAW format. Something that expands creative possibilities enough of these when working with images. In November, in addition to this new, technology presents Nokia Refocus . This, as happens withLytro cameras, allows you to change the focused area after the photo shoot.

Beyond these developments, we talk about is reaching maturity with mobile picture taken, explain that high resolutions Lumia Xperia Z1 1020 and not part of any marketing strategy. At least not only that. All those megapixels are needed so we can use digital zoom without the image quality will suffer, as normally turn to that function on a mobile.

To do this in Nokia and Sony employ oversampling technology called pixels, which reduces the resolution with which we do the photos in exchange for increasing the fidelity with which they are registered. So when using the digital zoom can capture only three increases five-megapixel photos on the Lumia and eight on the Xperia. Remaining megapixels each sensor are used to enhance the precision of the images. Oversampling also enhances photos and videos when we do not use zoom. For example when shooting pictures in low light. The invention works in practice.

Good photos in low light

Xperia Z1 has the same image sensor size than many compact cameras and more than almost any other mobile. Including the last iPhone 5S although Apple just increased dimensions of that component. Despite this clearly surpasses Nokia to Sony in that regard. The huge sensor Lumia 1020, so great that protrudes from the back of the phone provides picture quality similar to some high-end compact cameras. The difference between the two phones is felt especially when we increase the ISO sensitivity to each other.

Another detail that the Lumia leads the Xperia is in Zeiss with stabilizer, very useful to prevent trepidadas photos and videos without tremors.Sony uses image stabilization by software, and the results are poorer. As can be seen in the videos we publish. Also the flash is better on the Nokia, it is xenon type. Much more powerful than the LED that incorporates Sony.

Nokia Application Pro Cam is another while the Lumia is targeted. With it you can manually adjust impossible to modify features in Xperia Z1 camera as the shutter speed. The dimensions of Nokia, four and a half inches to allow better hold a photo of the Xperia five. Particularly horizontal. The screen of Nokia also exceeds that of Sony to shoot daylight.

A camera flash

But Sony plays with significant advantages compared to the Xperia Z1 Lumia 1020. The main one is the speed. The length of time there since we press the shutter button on the camera to capture a photo that is almost imperceptible. Even when the phone is at rest just takes a second after the shot, focus and capture an image. Also impressed by their bursts, it is able to capture 10 images per second. This figure is tripled if we use Timeshift burst mode, with which recorded 60 two-megapixel photos in two seconds, 30 of them before pressing the shutter.

The reaction rate of Lumia 1020 is lower than the Xperia Z1, even when the pictures selected recording mode five megapixels. Something that is to blame for its slow autofocus and it takes about one second to save each image. Also forget about the blasts with the Lumia, it is only able to take a picture every two seconds. An even lower rate than that of its predecessor, the Nokia 808 with Symbian system.

Another ace Xperia Z1 is its water resistance. Something we can shoot shallow diving or in the rain. Also are important imaging applications.While the Xperia runs Android and has a large catalog of these, the Lumia with Windows Phone does not have much variety, but Instagram is finally available. Special mention deserves the Microsoft system has proven to be more stable than that of Google during testing. Well Android has left us hanging on the odd occasion. Something unforgivable on a high-end mobile.

In short, those who frequently use their mobile cameras will not easily opt for either model. Especially considering that both cost about the same, around 700 euros. If we take pictures and videos with the image quality of high-end compact camera the Nokia does not disappoint. Especially when you update your software and can edit RAW files generated when taking photos. The Sony will thrill those who value speed shooting and comply with the image quality from a compact camera easily.

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