NASA suspends communication with Curiosity on Mars

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solar flare

solar flare

The robotic vehicle to explore the fourth planet travel alone resume communications until May 1.

Since arriving in Martian soil has offered Curiosity joys, worries, surprises and even a bit of drama when one of their computers had to be reset. Now comes a time relatively common in the exploration of Mars in which communication with Earth is difficult.

The problem is caused by the Sun’s position between the two planets. Every 26 months the Earth is at one end and Mars in the other, so any signal between the two traveling between the influence of our star and the possibility that messages become corrupted, causing problems in robots.

The suspension also affects other spacecraft on Mars, Opportunity and Odyssey, but communications resume Curiosity five days before. It is the fifth and sixth time respectively presented this situation with the other vehicles, reports the portal Space.

The Curiosity mission continuity is very important in research that one day man will set foot in Mars and eventually become the first human settlement on another planet.

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