NASA spacecraft to begin to build long-term missions

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Survival space

NASA started a new project to develop a “home space” means a cabin where astronauts can live on missions lasting up to one year.The carrier will be the main part of a ship to support missions beyond low Earth orbit.Such missions are planned to study asteroids and the moon, but can also be used to go to Mars .

The Deep Space Habitat – cabin deep space, in free translation – should provide astronauts accommodation, work, exercise and recreation, beyond the laboratory.

Spatial experience

The International Space Station has it all, and astronauts have lived there in missions to six months a few years ago.However, the Space Station is huge, with several accommodations – is the new carrier for the station as well as a trailer is for a hotel.

But the starting point is precisely what has been learned from the Space Station.

The first prototype will use the outer shell of the laboratories currently in use at the station, and a module called MPLM( Multi-Purpose Logistics Module )a real ship without engines , which was used to carry large loads onboard the space shuttle.

NASA spacecraft to begin to build long-term missions

The project must follow an accelerated pace, will be used as modules that are already in operation, especially the International Space Station. [Image: NASA]

Nave complete

The prototype is currently being fitted to the Marshall Space Flight Center, must contain three basic elements:

  1. A laboratory standard Space Station and a MPLM – together they provide the pressurized volume required for accommodation and work;
  2. a tunnel of the elements for interconnection, comprising a space for depressurization, to allow for extravehicular activity, and
  3. a vehicle for multi-mission space exploration (MPCV: Multi-Purpose Vehicle Crew ) for short-range exploration activities.


The whole thing should be 4.9 meters in diameter and 17 meters in length.

The ship will also contain a final ship Orion – Constellation survivor extinct – and a propulsion stage, so that both have independent mobility. The two are not included in this prototype because the goal now is to test the conditions of habitability, and ship and engine are not essential in this regard.

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