NASA says Iran humans to Mars ‘in near future’

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The robot scientist ‘Curiosity’ NASA has issued the first recording of the human voice that has traveled from Earth to another planet and then has returned. In the message, the space agency on Mars proclaimed that “a human mission” come “in a not too distant future” .

In words spoken by radio to “rover on Mars and then returned to the Deep Space Network for NASA (DSN) on Earth, the NASA Administrator, Charles Bolden, stressed the difficulty of having managed to send a ‘rover ‘of these features on Mars, and congratulated the NASA employees and business partners and government agency in the successful landing. Also evoked the name of the car in stating that curiosity is what drives humans to explore.

Images of Mount Sharp

“The knowledge that we expect of our observation and analysis of the Gale crater will tell us a lot about the possibility of life on Mars , as well as past and future possibilities of our own planet. ‘Curiosity’ will achieve benefits for the Earth and inspire a new generation of scientists and explorers, while preparing the way for a manned mission in the not too distant future, “Bolden said in the recorded message.

The voice playback was released along with new views taken by the camera’s telephoto Martian landscape changed during a news conference at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

“With this voice, takes another small step in the expansion of human presence beyond Earth, and the experience of exploring distant worlds is a little closer to us all,” said Dave Lavery, program executive ‘Curiosity’ .

Armstrong’s legacy

“As he continues his mission, we hope these words will be an inspiration for those who will become the first human to set foot on the surface of Mars. And as the great Neil Armstrong will speak aloud the next giant leap in human exploration. ”

The new images sent to Earth show a scene of eroded rocks and ravines on a hillside , with clearly exposed geological layers. The new views were taken by the 100 mm lens and telephoto lens of 34 mm wide-angle camera located on the mast. MastCam has photographed the nearby mountainside, called Monte Sharp.

“This is an area that will mount Sharp ‘Curiosity'” said principal investigator MastCam, Michael Malin. “These layers are our ultimate goal exceeded dark dune field is before us. Opposite sand layers sand looks dark red color suggests a different composition. Foreground rocks point to a very diverse geological site “.

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