NASA releases panoramic view of Mars

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Each week, the Curiosity probe sends new images from Mars to Earth and the images are always the same: a desolate planet, with a lot of dust and small rocks. And completely empty, leaving nothing to be desired for most deserts exist here. Still, many people get excited about this nothing and continue to be supplied with the photo essay of the Red Planet.

Thus, instead, for example, NASA decided to create an impressive mosaic with all the diversity that exists in our neighbor by uniting space no less than 79 photos to create a panoramic effect. Thus, those who stayed on Earth may have a broader view of what lurks on Mars and see what they are missing out on.

According to the American space agency, this is just the beginning of the “Street View” Martian, since the idea is to bring together 130 photographs so that we have really the impression that there are much more intense.

Moreover, the photographer Andrew Bodrov decided to unite all the images released by NASA to date to do something similar but a little more interactive. Thanks to this, you really have the feeling of walking on Mars, looking stones which certainly you would not see here.


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