NASA records the ‘Song of the Earth’

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Two probes record the radiation belts captaríamos if we had ears instead of antennas

Two probes Nasa have captured the song of the Earth as clearly achieved so far. This sound is the result of radiation surrounding the planet, formed by charged particles trapped in the Earth’s magnetic field, according to the BBC .

This choir is what we would hear if we had ears instead of antennas and sounds like “birdsong” explains Craig Kletzing, researcher at the University of Iowa told the BBC. Many hams have captured their special teams. “It is easier to hear in the morning, so sometimes being referred to these noises as dawn chorus “ , indicates Kletzing.

Sounds captured by the probes RBSP (Radiation Belt Storm Probes, or scanning probe radiation belt), launched into space in August, come from the Van Allen belts, radiation belts surrounding the Earth in which charged particles are trapped by the planet’s magnetic field.

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