Nasa Insists: ‘There is no end to World’

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Scientists are forced to fight rumors after receiving more than 5,000 questions from concerned citizens who fear that the course meets Mayan apocalypse on December 21

Less than twenty days, according to erroneous interpretations of theMayan calendar , the world comes to an end, NASA has been forced to give their scientific education to combat the apocalyptic rumors. In reality, it takes time patiently trying to clarify anything happen that day, at least no cataclysm , as the shock of the Earth to another planet, the impact of a giant asteroid or a solar flare to end our civilization. But believe it or not, people are still afraid that something terrible fall on their heads on 21 December. The website of David Morrison, director of NASA’s Carl Sagan called “Ask an Astrobiologist” (“Ask an Astrobiologist”) and dedicated to combating rumors of 2012, has received more than 5000 questions on this matter, consultations increasingly numerous as the date approaches “fateful”. Morrison has responded to 400 of these emails and offered a few days ago along with other scientists from the space agency a conference of the hand ofGoogle + to try to calm the most frightened and explain why there is nothing to fear.

These fears are based on a misinterpretation of the Mayan calendar. On day 21, the date of the winter solstice, the calendar ends a cycle called baktun 13. Although archaeologists and experts agree that the ancient Maya did not refer to that day as apocalyptic, rumors have spread easily. “This is just a fantasy made,” says Morrison. But with real-life consequences. The scientist has received a large number of electronic mails from people worried about what might happen, especially young children. Some say they can not eat or sleep for their troubleand, what is much more serious, even some have expressed suicidal .“For many people this (the end of the world in 2012) is a joke, others see it as a mystery, but there are some who are really worried,” says astrobiologist.

Where is Nibiru?

Scientists chose some of the questions sent to his website to explain what it is that will not happen. For example, as recorded by the website , astrophysicist Lika Guhathakurta explained why no solar flare achicharrará Earth. While it is true that the sun is currently in a phase of high activity and large solar flares can affect communications and electronic systems, satellites studying the sun we would be warned in time to enable the authorities to compensate the additional electromagnetic activity when it came to our atmosphere.

Don Yeomans , a planetary scientist who tracks near-Earth objects at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA (JPL) ensures that any world called X or Nibiru, comet or asteroid threatens to hit us on December 21 . An idea as absurd, as a planet collided with ours in three weeks is now one of the brightest objects in the sky after the Sun also the only asteroid will pass close to the expected February 13, 2013 and closer to 6378 miles from us. It will not hit us.

Other rumors as to the Earth’s magnetic field will reverse or the planet will travel nearly 30,000 light years and fall into the black hole in the center of the Milky Way , have also been challenged.

A government plot

The last question (at noon on Monday 3 December) that the Morrison site has received on this issue impacted on how people could know that governments and NASA are not hiding information about the world’s end . The scientific answer is that no government or organization could control the millions of independent scientists around the world or the people looking at the sky. If something were to hit us, anyone could see it.

NASA scientists warn that, far from superstitious nonsense about cosmic catastrophes, concern for the fate of the Earth should be focused on other issues, such as climate change. “the greatest threat to Earthin 2012, at the end of this year and in the future, is the human species, “says Mitzi Adams rightly, solar astronomer at the Marshall Space Flight Center.

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