NASA Image of Mars with 1.300 million pixels

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The U.S. space agency has published the best picture of the red planet’s history , using 900 exposures Curiosity robot cameras in a panoramic view of Mars with 1.300 million pixels.


The image is a postcard cosmic and interactive 360 degree which allows us to literally “walk around Mars” only a click.

” It seems to be there and really shows the power of the chambers of Curiosity … You can see the context and zoom in for details “ , explains the technical project manager, Bob Deen, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL ), Pasadena (California), to explain the sharpness of an image that lets you see the stones of the planet or the traces of the robot on the Martian soil.

The images can identify the area known as Rocknest, where Curiosity took its first images of Marsthanks to all cameras Mast Camera, Mastcam and Navigation. The photos were taken between October 5 and November 16, 2012 and used 900 shots to get the overview of 1,300 million pixels .

Besides photographs Curiosity aims to determine whether there was ever life on Mars as it is ‘a laboratory walking’ and rock drilling can collect and analyze samples. Also characterize the climate, geology determine and prepare for human exploration of Mars.

While we are able to go and be there the image of NASDA allows us to give a virtual tour of the planet.

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