NASA captures a fireball across the sky of Texas

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Just on the last Friday in Texas, a large group of people could see a fireball very bright across the sky from east to west .The phenomenon, which was also recorded in adjacent states, was recorded by a meteor camera at NASA Mayhilla, New Mexico, about 500 miles to the west, which, according to the space agency itself “is very unusual and testifies to the luminosity of the event. “


Astronomers believe that the flash is a meteorite, “most likely a fragment of the asteroid belt” , which lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, and is not associated with the Geminids , rain metoros whose maximum occurs on Thursday December 13. Initially there was speculation that what was seen in the sky outside the reentry of Russian communications satellite Kosmos 2251 , which was destroyed in a collision with an Iridium satellite in February 2009, causing a large amount of space debris. But NASA does not think so.

Searching for meteorites

Preliminary results indicate that there are meteorites of this meteor (falling rocks after seeing the flash in the sky) north of Houston, Texas.Scientists have begun studies to refine the impact zone. If the parts are recovered, will be the thirteenth meteorite fall registered in that state since 1909, and the first since Ash Creek, which fell in February 2009.

The Moon was the bright object in the lower center, the fireball was in the horizon of the left and was surrounded by a white box when it detects the camera.

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