NASA begins testing supersonic plane wind tunnel

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NASA and Boeing are conducting a series of tests with two models of supersonic aircraft.The planes are being designed to overcome the sound barrier without producing the characteristic bang, known as boom sonic .We constructed two models that are being tested in wind tunnels.

The first, seen in the photo, has sensors to assess the strengths and waves generated with the airplane in various inclinations, side and front, and even upside down.The second model, slightly smaller, has sensors for detecting the pressure outside the body of the aircraft, resulting in the shock wave itself, causing the crash.

Tests will be conducted in several wind tunnels, each with a capacity to take the models to their limits in different aspects.


Supersonic bang

There are several designs of supersonic aircraft in progress, but none of them receive approval to fly over continental areas is the problem of boom sonic not eliminated.The explosion produces a sonic shock wave can not just break windows, but eventually put metal structures resonate with serious consequences.

But enough about the shock of the explosion the driver of a car to produce fatalities in an accident. That’s why the engineers are working so hard to eliminate the problem.

One of the reasons the Concorde never have become a bestseller is that it could only reach supersonic speed over the ocean, which restricted its operations to a small number of routes.

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