NASA astronauts attempt to repair the station bolt

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Looking to install a switch box to revive the electrical system of the ISS.

Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA. – Astronauts provided brushes and other makeshift tools attempted to install on Wednesday a crucial switch box in order to revive the electrical system of the International Space Station. 

A stuck bolt prevented Sunita Williams of NASA and Japan’s Akihiko Hoshide properly secure the new unit last Thursday. The problem reduced the power available at the space station and several teams had to be turned off. 

Hoshide Williams and carried a variety of tools to fix the pin, such as a blue toothbrush and scrub the metal to iron particles metal discovered last week and other debris. available team four hours to connect the box. Otherwise, the astronauts will have to retire and bring it back to the ship to make more repairs.

 L to list of possible methods of repair during a spacewalk covers 15 pages and includes lubricating the bolt and apply additional pressure and move. NASA controllers practically worked tirelessly over the weekend to consider the alternatives. Though Space Station has remained stable, NASA hurry to fix the problem with the imminent departure of U.S. astronaut who runs the computerized arm from inside, Joseph just.  Return to earth in ten days.

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