NASA announces new mission to study the interior of Mars in 2016

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No sooner the robot Curiosity began firing his laser beam on the rocks of Mars and Nasa is preparing to send another ship for the red planet.Unlike robots Martians, the InSight mission will consist of a fixed probe, which will land on Mars, but will their studies, with an expected duration of two years, always in the same place.

NASA has selected the new probe to the detriment of the other two missions, one to collect samples of a comet and another to explore the moon Titan, Saturn where recently found evidence of an ocean.The goal of InSight will study the interior of Mars, in an attempt to discover why the planet does not have tectonic plates moving, as on Earth.Scientists hope that the comparison between the deep Earth and the interior of Mars give more substantial information on the process of formation of rocky planets.


The probe is almost a replica of the Phoenix , which landed on Mars in 2008, but ran for only five months.The difference lies in the instruments toward subsurface studies.One of the instruments to be manufactured by the French space agency, will try to monitor “martemotos” – earthquakes Mars.

The German space agency, in turn, contribute an instrument to measure heat emanating from the interior of Mars toward its surface.The InSight will be launched in March 2016, arriving at Mars in September of the same year.

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