Nanoimprint 3D creates artificial vascular system

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The 3D printing, which creates three-dimensional objects by depositing materials layer by layer, like an inkjet printer, finally arrived to the realm of nanotechnology.A few weeks, Austrian scientists showed a fotofabrication technique that uses laser beams to “print” objects within a hydrogel.

Now, Pinar Zorlutuna, University of California San Diego, developed a way to manufacture, in seconds, three-dimensional structures soft and biocompatible.Interestingly, Dr Zorlutuna also uses hydrogels, not as a substrate but as its building material.

Thus, the resulting structures are ideally suited to the study of cells and cultivation in the laboratory, including the development of stem cells and the growth of engineered tissues.

Printing living tissues

According Zorlutuna, the long-term goal of the work is to print biological tissues that can be used directly by doctors for transplants or grafts.For example, to check the affected part of the heart by a heart attack, doctors’ imprimiriam “a section artificial exactly equivalent to the damaged part, and replace.

The technique was named DOPsL: dynamic optical projection stereolithography – Stereolithography by optical projection dynamic.The Stereolithography is well known for its ability to print large objects like car parts.The creation of nanoscale objects has mainly used the so-called two-photon photopolymerization.

Bio manufacturing

In the new technique biomanufacturing, a projection system uses mirrors adjusted with great accuracy in real time to guide the precise areas to ultraviolet light within a photoresist solution containing biopolymers and cells.This solidification process photo induced forms a layer of solid structure at a time, but continuously, producing a nanopeça in seconds.

Although we have tested the process for making various objects, including hemispheres, spirals and even flowers, the researchers were really thrilled with the replicas of blood vessels that could produce.Without an adequate vascular irrigation, artificial tissues grown in the laboratory can not keep themselves alive enough to be useful for a real test transplant – these techniques, called regenerative medicine, are taking their first steps in several laboratories around the world.

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