Nanoflores capture and store energy

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Although the leaves are responsible for the large natural photosynthesis of plantsartificial photosynthesis is trying his luck with flowers.Researchers at the University of the State of North Carolina created nanoflores which, they represent the next generation of energy storage devices and solar cells.

The great advantage of the structure is that the “petals” of the flower are very thin. With its complex shape, this translates into a huge surface area.

“This can significantly increase the capacity of lithium batteries, for example, since a finer structure with increased surface area may contain more lithium ions. Likewise, in this structure flower GeS can increase the capacity of supercapacitors, which are also used for energy storage, “said Dr. Linyou Cao, coordinator of the work.


The nanoflores were synthesized with a semiconductor material called germanium sulfide (GeS), able to serve several functions in the field of alternative energy.

To create the flower-shaped structures, the researchers first heated the GES in an oven until the material vaporize.

The steam is then blown into a cooler area of the oven where the layered sediments GeS, 20 to 30 nanometers thick and 100 microns long.

As the layers are being added, the leaves branching from each other, creating a pattern similar to a stud.

Practical complexities

The researcher adds that the material can be used in solar cells, although not yet published study now demonstrate how this can be done in a structure as complicated, and too fragile to be exposed – the connection of the electrodes would be by far the biggest challenge.

But the complex structure is promising as a component of larger structures, incorporated into materials used, as the researcher cites in batteries andsupercapacitors .

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