Mozilla’s smartphone will be released in 2013

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From 2013, the market for operating systems for smartphones will gain a new competitor. Powered by Mozilla, the company that created the Firefox browser, Boot to Gecko will be released , the result of a partnership with mobile operator  and manufacturer Qualcomm.

Boot to Gecko will be developed entirely in open source. “We do not like fences. All have full freedom to create applications and perform system upgrades, “said Christopher Arnold INFO, developer of Mozilla to new markets.

The interface of the new mobile operating system will follow the pattern of web applications. With applications written in Javascript, HTML 5 and CSS3, the platform aims to be much lighter and faster than its competitors, allowing phones have simple basic smartphone functions. Does Boot Gecko able to face as equals mobile systems from Google, Apple and Microsoft? The check.

Smartphone popular: The interface to boot Gecko follow the pattern of web applications, with apps in Javascript, HTML 5 and CSS3, lighter.

Freedom on the small screen: The new mobile system will be fully developed the Mozilla open source for users to make improvements.

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