Mozilla unveils details on its mobile operating system

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Mozilla has shown from its official website new details that characterize its mobile operating system. The name that heads this initiative is Gecko, a project focused on “enabling the Open Web as a platform for mobile devices and promote the development of new web standards” for the platform will make its way across all mobile browsers. But on the other hand, have no plans to build or distribute a custom device.

   The Mozilla Foundation provides another small dose of what will be its own mobile OS. Earlier this July, the founding team announced the arrival of their own mobile OS is expected for early 2013 in Alcatel and ZTE. However, the foundation has already advanced some features that incorporate this mobile OS


The project in question will carry out “the implementation of new web standards to deliver mobile platforms of the burden of rules and restrictions of existing proprietary platforms.” Furthermore the initiative also aims at standardizing new APIs for web content.

   The owner free by Mozilla betting means that both operators and developers can make applications and services from one platform and then have the opportunity to rewrite them from other platforms. Meanwhile, any developer who wishes may create applications using HTML5.

   The project offers mobile users the full power of HTML5, expanded, some of the capabilities of the device, like Bluetooth and SMS-, a model with greater ability to interact with the file system, and a way of linking the native application HTML5. In all, the intention of Mozilla will enhance the capabilities of the web platform.

   The Open Web platform will enable OEMs and operators to customize the user experience, manage the distribution of applications and maintain customer service, loyalty and billing relations.

   Consumers who use the devices based on the Open Web platform will be able to easily access and download content from the same, regardless of operating system they use.

   As for differences with Chrome OS, from Mozilla’s official website explains: “We are targeting mobile devices such as ‘tablets’ rather than a wider range of notebooks.”

   The Gecko project is an implementation of the new web standards that bring the power of the Open Web to mobile devices, unencumbered by rules and restrictions of ownership of the platforms. The main objective of this initiative is to identify those capabilities that do not have the devices and provide a standardized design solutions for application developers.

   The team is working to carry out this project forms a workforce of more than 20 engineers who are working full time in specific parts of the system (telephony, messaging, system-level integration of phone). In addition, Mozilla contributor operators and engineers are working together on the project.

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