Mozilla shows development of Firefox OS

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Mozilla has in its channel on YouTube a video of Firefox OS set. It shows basic navigation, camera and gallery, the browser and the Marketplace on hardware from the Chinese manufacturer ZTE.The film dated 6 September.


Shown surface differs functionally little of iOS or Android, but the design is edgier. The user has several pages of icons of his apps. By strokes with a finger you can switch between the screens, and – in a special mode – and switch between running apps.

Mozilla demonstrates the log-in process for the Marketplace, the purchase of a 2D space shooter App (but without a price would ever shown), and the browser. In the latter, the bookmark function and Wikipedia are tried. Also, the camera app is visible. It allows focusing by fingertips and brings with effects such as sepia. The pictures end up in the usual gallery.

The video is to show obvious that Firefox OS seriously approaching realization. How to classify what is shown depends on the expectations: How can you compare it to manufacture for years proven smartphone operating systems called sometimes jerky, something simple imitation – but also as a technical milestone, because obviously already a functioning operating system is ready, the only polish and tweaking missing.

At the launch of Firefox OS under the name “Boot to Gecko” Mozilla had already presented the O2 parent Telefónica and the chip maker Qualcomm as a partner. Back then, the first smartphone with Firefox OS would end 2012 in the trade. Now the market for launch in early 2013 as is planned.

Other network providers with which Mozilla works, are smart, Telenor, Telecom Italia and the German Telekom. Besides, ZTE will also provide TCL Communication Technology phones with Firefox OS. The latter uses for the devices, the brand Alcatel One Touch.

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