Mozilla released the first preview of Windows 8 browser

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Mozilla has released a preview of Firefox for the formerly called Metro interface of Windows 8.Interested parties can the nightly build now download from Mozilla’s FTP servers and test them under the RTM version of Windows 8.

How Firefox product manager Asa Dotzler in a blog entry explains the preview works in both the traditional desktop environment as well as under the designed user interface on Touch in the tile layout. Compared with the first prototype of the beginning of April a lot has changed, both visually and technically.

The new Home of Firefox for Windows 8 Metro (Image: Mozilla)

The new Home of Firefox for Windows 8 Metro 

The new interface called Australis includes a redesigned home page in tile design of Windows 8 It lists bookmarks and browsing history. Search results are displayed in the same way. The browser also supports familiar features like the AwesomeBar, tabs and Firefox Sync.

Can be used to control the touch and wiping gestures of Windows 8. As with the Internet Explorer 10 opens at a wiper from the top down the tab bar with thumbnails currently open sites.Through integration with the native search of Windows 8 users can search dirket in the sidebar in Firefox without having to open the browser.

Once installed, it automatically updated Firefox for Windows 8. Mozilla would like to emphasize that it is still a very early pre-release version is that still contains many errors and missing some features. In the coming weeks and months we will add more features to improve the integration with Windows and optimize performance and responsiveness.

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